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  • PSAT/SAT: Need to review PSATs?  Study for SATs with a tailored program made just for you?  Sign up for SATs? Get a fee waiver? View SAT scores? Review ‘college matchmaker’ based on your individual preferences (location, price, major, size, admissions criteria)?

  • The ACT:
                    * Register for ACT
                    * Prepare for ACT
                    * College Search Engine

  • The Common App: Link to the common application, an application used to apply to many colleges at one time.  You can see if your schools subscribe to common app by visiting the link below of visiting the individual/college website to check.

  • Financial Aid: NHHEAF:  New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation

    New Hampshire’s ‘go-to’ for everything financial aid.  Make a Saturday appointment for individual support in applying for federal aid.  View school presentations for financial aid night, resources, and dates and deadlines for everything financial aid. (Handouts from school/parent financial aid presentations)

  • FAFSA: THE website for federal aid.  Remember you cannot qualify for federal loans (the lowest loan offers) without applying for financial aid.  BOTH student and parent will need a FAFSA id, which you can do NOT. The actual application for FAFSA opens beginning October 1st.  The sooner the better. Be sure that have you tax return documents in front of you for 2017 and enter the data EXACTLY as it appears on that tax information.

  • CSS Profile: Does your school also require a CSS profile?

    Check the link below to see if any of the schools you are applying for require the CSS profile as part of their application

  •  Gap Years

Tuition Break 
Through the Tuition Break, students are eligible to pay a lower, regional tuition, instead of regular out-of-state tuition, when they enroll in eligible programs at out-of-state public colleges and universities within New England.  Eligibility varies by college and state.