Ninth grade is an exciting yet difficult transition year for many students. A new school, greater independence, a changing social environment and other factors can work against the best intentions of students trying to succeed. That’s why Shaker Regional School District has developed a new Freshman Experience called Freshman Academy. This is an effort to embrace a wide range of initiatives to provide ninth grade students with a rewarding and meaningful first year. Part of our mission and philosophy is to ensure the freshman experience is an easy transition into high school and provides ninth grade students with a strong foundation for success.

Goals of Freshman Academy:

A Comprehensive Approach
The Freshman Experience provides continuous support for ninth grade students in the areas of educational achievement, career and life skills, and youth development. Teachers, counselors and other staff will receive training throughout the year, and students will participate in a host of experiences, including:


The ninth grade year is often a challenging transition for parents as well as for students. Shaker Regional School District is committed to every student’s success and has designed The Freshman Academy to provide additional support for students and their parents during this important year. Our ninth graders and their families will receive additional information about The Freshman Academy prior to the August orientation.